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Our Stallion, Warlock - For Sale!
Djibbe Van den Hoekse Hoeve, Sport
Ids 300 x Trientsje van Klooster Sion Ster x Jillis 301
FHANA Reg# 200101131; Inbreeding Coefficient 2.93%
  • Received his Sport Predicate in 2011;
  • FHANA All Breeds 3rd place at 4th level dressage
  • Stam 050 Mare Line: S+SP+S+S+S
  • Currently for sale to approved home
Jessica f/t Friesian Connection, Ster
Winand 405 x Yvonne Emma P. Ster x Folkert 353 Sport
FHANA Reg# 200306660; Inbreeding Coefficient 1.37%
  • 1st Premium in 2003 and 2006
  • Stam 050 Mare Line: S+S+S+P
  • In foat to Beart 411 for May 2012
Mystere (Mysti)
Wicher 334 x Whitney C Ster x Ludse 305
FHANA Reg#200400908; Inbreeding Coefficient 3.52%
  • Now scoring 70's at First Level with STC Dressage, LLC
  • Sweet, gentle temperament
  • Stam 032 Mare Line: S+S+SP+SP
  • For Sale to Approved Home - contact us for more info
Uniqua ("Q")
Anton 343 Sport x Felina Ster x Leffert 306  Sport + Preferent
FHANA Reg#200604098; Inbreeding Coefficient 4.88%
  • Lovely, sweet, started under saddle
  • Stam 050 Mare Line: S+SP+SP+MP
  • In foal to Doaitsen 420 for May 2012
  • This sweetheart is for sale to the right home
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friesianfantasy@gmail.com | +1-505-604-0011
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Horses for Sale!
The Camelot Friesian Family
Weja fan Signature Friesians, Ster
Remmelt 323  x Passja Ster x Feitse 293 Preferent
FHANA Reg#200705461; Inbreeding Coefficient 2.73%
  • Awarded 1st Premium Champion Filly  and Overall Champion Foal at Kansas Keuring in 2007; Awarded 2nd Premium Ster in 2010
  • Super tall, will mature at 17 hands
  • Stam 002 Mare Line: S+MP+MP+MP+MP
  •  For Sale - incredible breeding opportunity on this sweetie
  • In foal to Sape 381 for May 2012
SS Ladyhawke
Flurry of Ca-Lyn (Friesian) x Unknown Legend (Friesian/Welsh) x Winner (FPS Stallion)
Registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry as 75% Fresian
Registered with the American Warmblood Society 
  • Born in 2000, Dam to Camelot's extremely rare red Friesian, Navarre
  • Gorgeous mane and tail, broke to ride
Navarre fan Camelot - For Sale!
Warlock x SS Ladyhawke x Flurry of Ca-Lyn
Registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry as 87.5% Fresian
   Extremely rare Chestnut Friesian!
  • Born in 2009, our first foal born on the farm
  • Gorgeous flaxen feathers and  tri-colored (flaxen, chestnut and henna) tail
  • Outgoing, confident, playful and extremely intelligent
  • For sale to approved home - contact for additional info
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